Friday, February 6, 2009

Welcome to the San Francisco Playhouse's Blogspot!

The San Francisco Playhouse is dedicated to not only providing its audience with the most thought provoking, eye opening shows of our time, but also to creating an environment where actors, directors, writers, designers, and avid theatregoers come together as a family to celebrate that which drives the inner most part of all of us: the human spirit.

This website will be used as a way for our friends and family to keep updated and express their thoughts in a comfortable, open environment.

Our next upcoming show is "Landscape of the Body" by John Guare, and is directed by Bill English, Artistic Director for the SF Playhouse, and includes in the cast Susi Damilano, Producing Manager for the SF Playhouse. What a great opportunity to come and become acquainted with not only the intensely thought provoking shows that we do here at the Playhouse, but also with some of the extremely talented and spiritually motivated people who make the magic happen! For more information on the show and how to order tickets, Click Here.

We are located at 533 Sutter Street in San Francisco, California, 94102. We can also be reached by phone at (415) 677-9596 or by email at Click Here to join our family, or Here for more information on who we are!

We look forward to you joining our family!

The SF Playhouse


bill said...

Welcome to the SF Playhouse blog. I'm in New York on a tour of 200-seat theatres, like the vision we have to create for San Francisco. The Vineyard, The Signature, The Atlantic, The Second Stage, all doing the kind of edgy, world class theatre we bring to San Francisco. Saw Becky Shaw, and immediately applied for the rights! Saw an Irish Company doing "The Cripple of Inishman." Fantastic.

The smaller professional theatres in New York always inspire me. They do the kind of work we do. There's too much "nice" theatre on the West Coast. Too much "polite" acting that stays carefully on the stage side of the proscenium.

Can San Francisco support an Off-Broadway style non-profit theatre, 200 seats max? Does the community want such a theatre in Union Square? If so, we're the ones to bring it.

bill said...

Welcome to the SF Playhouse blog. As Artisitc Director, I have been yearning for a forum in which all of the members of the SF Playhouse community could be involved in a dialogue to help define and focus our work. I just finished a really great little book called Tribes. It's about groups of people who are fans, fanatics, zealots, partisans of something they believe in. I realized that's what we are, a tribe. We have a lot of members. A few hundred artists who work here. Almost a thousand subscribers who have made a commitment to our season. And many more who attend regularly but don't yet officially belong

But what defines us? What values, dreams, missions do we share. How can we define ouselves to others. You've certainly read a lot of my writing in the nearly 30 programs we've created, but I really wonder how you see SF Playhouse, what it means to you to belong and how we can best serve our community

So please let's get this blog rolling with some of your thoughts and observations. We have all created SF Playhouse. Let's all collaborate to define what that means. I'm eager to hear your ideas.



Heidi said...

I found a nice synopsis/review in the SF Bay Times:

Favorite Hair Accessories said...

I can't wait until the next time I come up to Petaluma. This looks like a great time!

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